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Tennyson Street in Denver

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Put simply: we are barbecue fanatics. We take great pride in Central Texas barbecue tradition, which is why we use only 100% authentic Post Oak delivered straight from Austin, Texas.

a better barbecue

We believe the best place to enjoy life’s simple pleasures is around a table with good people, quality meats and hard work. We’re building a team that’s hungry to share authentic, craft barbecue with each and every guest that visits us.

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Post Oak is the most down-to-earth Texas barbecue you’ll find anywhere in Colorado. 

We aren’t faking anything. Our pits are 100% wood-fired and we only use authentic Post Oak delivered directly from Austin, Texas.

Hey, if it’s good enough to be Central Texas tradition for more than 100 years, we figure it’s good enough for us. 

Our families eat our barbecue, too. That’s why our meats are only all-natural, certified Angus. We take great pride and care in selecting natural pork, quality beef and locally-sourced poultry.

From the moment you and your friends or family step inside our restaurant, you’ll feel at home.

Come visit us in the heart of historic Tennyson Street beginning Summer 2019.


100% wood fired

Barbecue is America’s cuisine. We invented it, we perfected it, and at the end of the day, no one does it the way that we do it.